David Bowie and Jimmy Page go way back

Words By: Roland Ellis | February 26th, 1965

David Bowie and Jimmy Page go way back

On January 15, 1965, David Bowie recorded as the singer for London group the Manish Boys. It was the first time Bowie—working under the pseudonym Davie Jones—had committed one of his own compositions to wax.

The song is called "Take My Tip" and was released as the b-side to a Manish Boys original (written before Bowie joined the group) called "I Pity The Fool".


But more than just being the first window into Bowie as a songwriter, "I Pity The Fool/Take My Tip" is something of a landmark for another reason. The guy on lead guitar is none other than Jimmy Page, who reportedly said of the recording, "Well, it's definitely not going to be a hit."

He was right. The record shipped less than 500 copies.

David Bowie and Jimmy Page go way back Jimmy Page circa 1965

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