Rolling Stones fined for public urination

Words By: Roland Ellis | March 19th, 1965

Rolling Stones fined for public urination

March 18th, 1965: Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Bill Wyman were fined five pounds each for urinating on the outer wall of a London gas station. The restroom was apparently out of order; though more likely, the West Ham station attendant refused access to the bathroom because you just can’t trust a crew of long-haired degenerates.

According to the Police report, the black Jaguar containing Stones members along with a number of girls, pulled away from the scene with middle-fingered gestures extending from each of the windows.

Rolling Stones fined for public urination

A few days later Jagger and co. fronted up to a West Ham police station to face charges. As we all know the stern words from police, complemented by the five pound fine, had an indelible impact on the Rolling Stones: they all walked the straight and narrow from that point on.

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