The Beatles begin work on a new film

Words By: Roland Ellis | February 24th, 1965

The Beatles begin work on a new film

On February 24, 1965, The Beatles began shooting on their second film titled Help!

The shoot would end up taking the group between seven locations. Some exotic: Paradise Island and New Providence Island in the Bahamas, the Austrian Alps, Salisbury Plain.

Some not so exotic:

Twickenham Film Studios in London.

According to Ringo Starr, the whole production was shrouded in a "haze of marijuana", and as a result, the shoot was marred by delays.

Nonetheless, Help! would go on to be a huge commercial success just like its predecessor A Hard Days Night!

John Lennon said the film was meant to fall somewhere between satirical poke at the James Bond movies, and ode to the Marx Brothers' Duck Soup.

The Beatles begin work on a new film The Beatles at the Austrian resort of Obertauern

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