Live At The Gaslight

Nicky A. Woolfman performing Phil Spector's 'Spanish Harlem'

Nicky A. Woolfman

Spanish Harlem

Original Artist: Phil Spector

Release Date: May 6th, 2015


In this instalment of Live at the Gaslight, Nicky A. Woolfman delivers a stellar cover of Phil Spector's “Spanish Harlem” (1960). The song was first made popular by Ben E. King in 1961, but Spector's original version is still the standout.

Woolfman does a fine job here of voicing the song on his own terms, while also remaining fairly faithful to the original.

Nicky A. Woolfman performing Phil Spector's 'Spanish Harlem'

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More about Nicky A. Woolfman

Not much is known about Nicky A. Woolfman. In fact, nothing is known about him/her at all so far as we can tell. And it’d be fair to say that s/he hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with details during our recent correspondence--Woolfman refused to confirm a gender; s/he wouldn’t tell us where s/he lives, only that “we spent some time in Bayou country a little while back”. No other music by Nicky A. Woolfman exists on the internet either, though s/he insists that “we have been recording little songs since we was teeny tiny.”

It’s all cool, though. Nicky has recorded one hell of a cover for us, and we’re thankful to him/her for doing so. Thanks Nicky. Moreover, we’re proud as punch to exclusively post an original song by Nicky A. Woolfman for y’all to wrap your ears around. As I mentioned, we haven't found any other material by Woolfman after much time spent scouring the net, so we're pretty sure that these two songs signify his/her introduction to the world.

"There's No Knowing You (1953)", written by Nicky A. Woolfman, is a very-lo-fi ballad from the mind of an outsider. If our recent email chain is anything to go by, there certainly seems to be no getting to know Woolfman; but let's just hope there'll be plenty more opportunities to get to know his music.

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