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Peter Stone Brown covers Bob Dylan's "She Belongs To Me"

Peter Stone Brown

She Belongs To Me

Original Artist: Bob Dylan

Release Date: September 29th, 2015


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For our fifth instalment of Live At The Gaslight we are proud to present Peter Stone Brown from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, performing Bob Dylan's "She Belongs To Me".

"She Belongs To Me" was written by Dylan in late 1964 and was released on his fifth studio album Bringing It All Back Home.

Peter Stone Brown covers Bob Dylan's "She Belongs To Me" Peter Stone Brown's cover of "She Belongs To Me" is our fifth Live At The Gaslight instalment.

This recording was made during a live performance at Dylan Fest AC, a concert event organized by Jeff Schwachter that took place at Dante Hall Theater, Atlantic City in August 2015. The event celebrated the 50th anniversary of Dylan's first connection with Levon & the Hawks (The Band), when he poached them to become his backing band following his electric debut at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival.

Since the age of 12, Peter Stone Brown has been following the life and career of Bob Dylan. In August 1965, Brown was in attendance at Dylan’s second electric concert at Forest Hills, NYC. The opening song at the show was “She Belongs To Me”, the feel of which Brown has managed to capture perfectly after years of practice.

We are sincerely honored that Brown accepted our invitation to submit a song to our Live At The Gaslight segment.

“This is how I feel,” Peter told the shrink. “Everything that I’m trying to tell you is on this record. It’s all there.”

Peter Stone Brown’s wealth of knowledge about Bob Dylan saw him feature prominently in David Kinney’s 2014 book, The Dylanologists, described as "a book about people who care deeply about Bob Dylan – some obsessively, following him, studying him, as a central and powerful touchstone of meaning and guidance in their lives.”

The following is an extract from The Dylanologists detailing Brown’s interactions with a therapist his parents had encouraged him to see in the mid-1960's.

Peter and the man spoke a few times but they weren’t really getting anywhere. So Peter asked a friend if he could borrow his portable turntable. He set the player up in the therapist’s office, pulled Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home out of its cardboard jacket, and stuck the needle to the vinyl on side two, song three. He hoped the therapist would listen closely...

The track he played was "It’s All Right, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)", Dylan at his scorched-earth finest. “Money doesn’t talk it swears,” he spits. The world is filled with phonies, and nothing is sacred. The authorities would execute him if they knew what he was really thinking.


"This is how I feel,” Peter told the shrink. “Everything that I’m trying to tell you is on this record. It’s all there.”

The therapy sessions ended. Peter kept buying Dylan records.

David Kinney’s The Dylanologists is available here.

Be sure to read more about Peter Stone Brown below and have a listen to his original track, "You Don't Have To Close The Door".

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More about Peter Stone Brown

Peter Stone Brown is a singer-songwriter who has appeared on bills with artists such as Lucinda Williams and Roger McGuinn. He is also a freelance writer who, over the past 40 or so years, has interviewed Rick Danko, Al Kooper, Carl Perkins, Fats Domino, John Lee Hooker, Arlo Guthrie, Muddy Waters and Levon Helm. In 1974 Peter’s brother, Tony Brown, played bass on Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks album.

Below is "You Don't Have To Close The Door" from Brown's 1996 album Up Against It, available here.


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