Bert Jansch releases debut album

April 24th, 1965 -

Bert Jansch releases debut album

On April 16th 1965 Scottish musician Bert Jansch released his self titled debut album through Transatlantic Records. Jansch completed recording the album in Camden, London in January 1965.

Listen below to track 8 from the album "Needle of Death".


Bert Jansch:

01 Strolling Down the Highway

02 Smokey River

03 Oh How Your Love Is Strong

04 I Have No Time

05 Finches

06 Rambling's Gonna Be the Death of Me

07 Veronica

08 Needle of Death

09 Do You Hear Me Now?

10 Alice's Wonderland

11 Running from Home

12 Courting Blues

13 Casbah

14 Dreams of Love

15 Angie

Bert Jansch releases debut album

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