Bob Dylan kicks open door for Bruce Springsteen

Words By: Nick Bornholt | July 1st, 1967

Illustration By: Sergio Garzon

Bob Dylan kicks open door for Bruce Springsteen

Life is full of small moments that have astounding impacts. A small crack in the dry earth that one day gives way to a mighty gorge, a ripple that becomes a wave - little moments can become monumental.

Dropping her fifteen year old son at Freehold Regional High School in New Jersey, Adele Springsteen could never have known she was in just such a moment as her hand reached for the dial and tuned into WMCA Radio. It was July 22nd, 1965. The daily ritual of singing along to easy listening pop songs with her son, Bruce, was interrupted by a short sharp snare, which shattered the upbeat tempo of The Beach Boys "California Girls". Bruce's eyes widened as a new sound filled the family car. He would later describe how that snare "kicked open a door in [his] mind"; a door that led to a musical ability loved by many and rivalled by few.

For Adele, however, the song meant sitting parked outside the school with Bruce, who refused to leave the car until it ended - over six minutes later. That song was a little ditty called "Like a Rolling Stone" and the rest, as they say, is history.


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