Dylan Interviewed In Sheffield

April 30th, 1965 -

Dylan Interviewed In Sheffield

50 years ago today, Bob Dylan was interviewed by a Sheffield Newspaper on the topic of young folk singer, Donovan:

Q: To start with the obvious question: what do you think of Donovan and "Catch the Wind?"

A: Well, I quite like that song, and he sings it quite well. He's very young though, and people might like to try to make him into something that he isn't; that's something he'll have to watch. But the song is O.K.

Q: Isn't the tune a lot like your "Chimes of Freedom"?

A: Oh, I don't care what he takes from me; I don't care what other singers do to my songs either, they can't hurt me any. Like with the Animals and "Baby Let Me Follow You Down", I didn't worry none about that. I met the Animals over in New York, and we all went out and got scoused. Is that what you say? (Someone behind him suggests "sloshed".) Oh yeah, that's it, sloshed. Anyway, the Animals are O.K., I liked their last one, "Don't Let Me be Misunderstood", that was a good one.

Listen to Catch The Wind & Chimes Of Freedom below:


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