New Chuck Berry Album

April 30th, 1965 -

New Chuck Berry Album

50 Years Ago this month, Chuck Berry released his 8th studio album, Chuck Berry In London. It was his third album since bring released from prison in October 1963. In early 1965, Berry's career was making a resurgence on the back of The Beatles & The Rolling Stones covering his songs on their early records.

Listen to "Dear Dad", the lead single from Chuck Berry In London.


Chuck Berry In London:

01 My Little Love-Light

02 She Once Was Mine

03 After It's Over

04 I Got a Booking

05 Night Beat

06 His Daughter Caroline

07 You Came a Long Way from St Louis

08 St. Louis Blues

09 Jamaica Farewell Song

10 Dear Dad

11 Butterscotch

12 The Song of My Love

13 Why Should We End This Way

14 I Want to Be Your Driver

New Chuck Berry Album Chuck Berry In London was Berry's third studio album since being released from prison in October 1963.

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