Posthumous album from Mississippi John Hurt

August 3rd, 1967 -

Posthumous album from Mississippi John Hurt

Blues singer Mississippi John Hurt passed away in November last year following a heart attack. He was 74 years old. Hurt had seen a resurgence in his career in the 4 years before his death, following his 'rediscovery' and subsequent recording contract with Vanguard. 

Immortal is the second release from Vanguard of Hurt's recordings, following last year's Today!

Listen below to "Richland Woman Blues" via Spotify.


Watch a clip below of Mississippi John Hurt performing at the 1963 Newport Folk Festival.

The Immortal:

01 Since I've Laid My Burden Down 

02 Moaning The Blues 

03 Buck Dance 

04 Lazy Blues 

05 Richland Women Blues 

06 Tender Virgins 

07 Hop Joint 

08 Monday Morning Blues 

09 I've Got The Blues And I Can't Be Satisfied 

10 Keep On Knocking 

11 Chicken 

12 Stagolee 

13 Nearer My God To Thee

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