Recordings by Bob Dylan's favourite singer, Karen Dalton

June 2nd, 1965 -

Recordings by Bob Dylan's favourite singer, Karen Dalton

In March 1963, Cherokee folk singer Karen Dalton made a collection of home recordings. Following her death in 1993 they were released posthumously by Delmore Recording Society on the 2008 album Green Rocky Road.

In his autobiography, Chronicles, Bob Dylan wrote "My favorite singer...was Karen Dalton. Karen had a voice like Billie Holiday and played guitar like Jimmy Reed... I sang with her a couple of times."

Here is the full track listing from Dalton's 1963 compilation album, Green Rocky Road.

01 Green Rocky Road

02 Whoopee Ti Yi Yo

03 Ribbon Bow

04 Katie Cruel

05 Little Margret

06 Red Rockin' Chair

07 Nottingham Town

08 Skillet Good & Greasy

09 In The Evening

Have a listen to track one from the album, "Green Rocky Road" along with versions from the 2013 soundtrack to Inside Llewyn Davis by folksinger Dave Van Ronk, and actor Oscar Isaac.


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