Second album from folksinger Phil Ochs

August 13th, 1965 -

Second album from folksinger Phil Ochs

July 1965 - American folksinger Phil Ochs released his second album, I Ain't Marching Anymore.

Listen below to track five from the album, "That Was The President" - Ochs' tribute to the recently assassinated J.F.K.


Here is the full track list for I Ain't Marching Anymore.

01 I Ain't Marching Anymore

02 In the Heat of the Summer

03 Draft Dodger Rag

04 That's What I Want to Hear

05 That Was the President

06 Iron Lady

07 The Highwayman

08 Links on the Chain

09 Hills of West Virginia

10 The Men Behind the Guns

11 Talking Birmingham Jam

12 The Ballad of the Carpenter

13 Days of Decision

14 Here's to the State of Mississippi

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