The Doors "Light My Fire" is the No. 1 song in America

July 30th, 1967 -

The Doors "Light My Fire" is the No. 1 song in America

According to Billboard, The Doors' "Light My Fire" is the No.1 song in America right now. 

1967 has been a busy year for the up and coming group from Los Angeles. Since releasing their debut album in January, The Doors have performed a huge number of shows throughout California and, just last week, the band revealed on American Bandstand they are already half way through recording their second album entitled Strange Days. 

Listen to "Light My Fire" below via Spotify.


The Doors have also revealed a number of upcoming U.S tour dates outside of California and hinted at a possible European tour. 

Upcoming Shows: 

August 5th - Santa Barbara, CA 

August 10th - Brighton, MA 

August 11th - Brighton, MA 

August 12th - Forest Hills, NY 

August 15th - Lowell, MA 

August 18th - Annapolis, MD 

August 18th - Alexandria, VA 

August 19th - Hampton Beach, NH 

August 25th - Las Vegas, NV 

August 27th - Santa Monica, CA

September 2nd - Asbury Park, NJ 

September 3rd - Fort Worth, TX 

September 8th - Farmington, UT 

September 9th - New York, NY 

September 11th - Oswego, NY 

September 13th - Canton, IL 

September 14th - Warrensville Heights, OH 

September 20th - Scotch Plains, NJ 

September 21st - Westport, CT 

September 22nd - Providence, RI 

September 23rd - Stony Brook, NY 

September 24th - Wallingford, CT 

September 27th - Des Moines, IA 

September 29th - Denver, CO 

September 30th - Denver, CO

Watch below The Doors perform "Light My Fire" last weekend on American Bandstand.

The Doors perform "Light My Fire" on American Bandstand

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