The Who continue North American tour

August 1st, 1967 -

The Who continue North American tour

The Who will continue their tour of North America into September before heading to Europe for a tour of the U.K.

Tour Dates:

August 1st - Jackson - Mississippi State Coliseum
August 3rd - Madison - Dane County Coliseum
August 4th - Omaha - Rosenblatt Stadium
August 5th - Chicago - International Amphitheatre
August 8th - Boston - Boston Garden
August 9th - Toronto - Maple Leaf Gardens
August 11th - Baltimore - Baltimore Civic Center
August 12th - Asbury Park - Asbury Park Convention Hall
August 13th - Washington, D.C. - DAR Constitution Hall
August 14th - Providence - Rhode Island Auditorium
August 15th - Nashville - Bradley's Barn
August 17th - Chattanooga - Memorial Auditorium
August 20th - Fargo - Fargo Civic Center
August 20th - Minneapolis - Minneapolis Auditorium
August 21st - Edmonton - Edmonton Gardens
August 22nd - Winnipeg - Winnipeg Arena
August 23rd - Flint - Atwood Stadium
August 24th - Philadelphia - Philadelphia Civic Center
August 25th - St. Louis Kiel Opera House
August 26th - Thunder Bay - Fort William Gardens
August 26th - Duluth - Duluth Arena Auditorium
August 27th - Cincinnati - Cincinnati Music Hall
August 28th - Sioux Falls - Sioux Falls Arena
August 29th - Atlanta - Municipal Auditorium
August 30th - Rochester - Rochester War Memorial
August 31st - Cleveland - Public Hall

September 1st - Indianapolis - Indiana State Fairgrounds Coliseum
September 2nd - Columbus - Ohio State Fairgrounds
September 3rd - Ohio State Fairgrounds
September 3rd - Pittsburgh - Civic Arena
September 4th - Columbus - Ohio State Fairgrounds
September 8th - Anaheim - Anaheim Convention Center
September 9th - Honolulu - Hawaii International Center

Watch below The Who perform "My Generation" and smash their instruments at last month's Monterey Festival in California.

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