Watch The Byrds perform tribute to JFK at Monterey Pop Festival

July 26th, 1967 -

Watch The Byrds perform tribute to JFK at Monterey Pop Festival

Last month at The Monterey Pop Festival, The Byrds performed folk traditional, "He Was A Friend Of Mine" with alternate lyrics about the assassination of JFK.

Lead singer Roger McGuinn re-wrote the lyrics of the song to include the verse;

He was in Dallas town
From a sixth floor window
A gunman shot him down
He died in Dallas town

Introducing the song, guitarist/singer David Crosby said to the audience,  

"He was not killed by one man. He was shot from a number of different directions — by different guns. The story has been suppressed, witnesses have been killed, and this is your country."

Following the performance McGuinn said of the incident, "Come on, give me a break. He didn't know anything more than anybody else. He was just trying to be Mr. Cool up there. I resented it, frankly."

Watch the performance along with Crosby's intro below.

The Byrds perform "He Was A Friend Of Mine" at the Monterey Pop Festival in June.

The Byrds are already working on their follow up to their album Younger Than Yesterday released earlier this year. The band are recording at Columbia Studios in Hollywood, C.A. 

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