Brook Benton - The Boll Weevil Song

Brook Benton

The Boll Weevil Song

Mercury Records

Release Date: May 4th, 1961

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
March 21st, 1962

Brook Benton injects a certain cheek into his rendition of 'the boll weevil song'. A poppy or PG rated type cheek.

He leaves the soulfulness of Leadbelly's 1934 rendition at the door, and instead opts for a level of lightheartedness that, in this writer's opinion, undermines the true potential of the track. Leadbelly got to the guts of it. There was a torment and true weight to his delivery, however, these elements have been left wanting in Benton's version.

It perhaps took until a young Jacky White reared his head for this song to be replenished to it's former and rightful glory.

At the very least this tune provides an interesting glimpse at the (50′s-early 60′s) pop industry's tendency to homogenise everything its path.

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