Chubby Checker - The Twist

Chubby Checker

The Twist

Parkway Records

Release Date: May 31st, 1960

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
January 26th, 1962


Here it is – the be and end all, the bees knees, the balls, the business, the Scorsese/Eastwood/John Cash of twisting. Chubby started a joke that started the whole world dancing – wow what a piece of writing.

It really is a great track with great energy and feel, and it was largely responsible for the beginning of a craze that took over popular music for a few months too long in my opinion. But I feel it's time to move on hence this is the last twist (song) review I'm doing, and what other way is there to end it than with the best twister there ever was.

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