Donovan releases Dylan inspired debut single


Catch The Wind


Release Date: March 11th, 1965

Words by: Sam Pethers & Roland Ellis
April 15th, 1965


"Catch The Wind" was the first single taken from Donovan's debut album, What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid. The track was released by Pye Records on March 12th 1965.

The track's melody borrows heavily from Bob Dylan's "Chimes Of Freedom", which was released roughly half a year before "Catch The Wind". The connection between the two songs is instantly recognisable in the rhyming pattern and vocal melody of the opening lines: "Far between sundown's finish" ("Chimes Of Freedom"); "In the Chilly hours and minutes" ("Catch The Wind").

Donavon was viewed by some members of the press as Britain's answer to Dylan. But if D.A. Pennebaker's Don't Look Back (a documentary about Dylan's 1965 UK tour) makes one thing clear it's that Donovan was less Dylan's musical equal than he was a fan and acolyte.

Donovan releases Dylan inspired debut single Donovan's debut single borrowed it's rhyming pattern from Dylan's 'Chimes Of Freedom'


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