Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas

Elvis Presley

Blue Christmas

RCA Victor

Release Date: September 4th, 1957

Words by: Nick Bornholt
December 1st, 1962

Falalalala… lalala

It's that magical time of year again, when turkeys and stockings get stuffed, Santa takes to the air and music gets… brutally mundane and agonizingly repetitive. Radio, shopping malls, family dinners all sound-tracked by any number of Christmas staples that leave one feeling like their chestnuts are roasting on an open fire. "Christmas with the Chipmunks-1961″ still wakes me up in cold sweats every December mumbling Brando quotes… the horror, the horror! But I won't be a total Grinch, throughout the wasteland of Carols you will find some diamonds in the rough, and of those Elvis's 1957 hit 'Blue Christmas' – RCA is a pink panther.

Elvis's voice hits the mark, while the backup vocalists hit notes that keep the song, well, blue. The lyrics are altogether pretty solid, while the snary drums and simplicity of the strings do just enough without over-complicating things. Unlike so many of its holiday peers this blues song, with blue notes about having the blues, won't leave you seeing red. Trade in the egg nog for a whiskey on the rocks and give this one a listen.

Merry Christmas.

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