Freddy Cannon - Palisades Park

Freddy Cannon

Palisades Park

Swan Records

Release Date: June 9th, 1962

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
May 19th, 1962

Nice song title…. Not sure if I can really add on that in terms of being complimentary.

Here's an analogy to help establish my position:

In Jaws when the Mayor insists on keeping the beach open for the 4th of July weekend and everything is apples for while: multitudes of kids frolic in the water while Ma and Pa chow down on some good American bbq – all PG rated, all cool. But then Jaws rocks up and turns it all into an unanticipated (for the beach goers at least) bloodbath. A surprise, a shock to the system, a resounding footnote in American culture.

But lets imagine for a moment, that beach scene without the shark: all happy campers; no shark, just some sweet grilled pineapple. It's all a bit of fun for the people who were there, but for the others looking in it's just another day at the beach where nothing really happens, a memory that will over time blur into the million other not dissimilar ones.

That's what 'palisades park' is for me really. A swell yet unremarkable day at the beach. No giant prosthetic shark or fountains of fake blood to sear the memory into my brain forever.

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