James Brown - Shout & Shimmy

James Brown

Shout & Shimmy

King Records

Release Date: October 14th, 1962

Words by: Yasmin Wilding
June 23rd, 1962

It takes an incredible vocalist to remain distinguished even though what you are actually saying often comes through as throaty mumblings, but James Brown succeeded in capturing his audience time and time again despite the lyrical obscurity.

It would be remiss to deny that this track 'borrows' many aspects of a more popular single with a similar name. Although Brown still attempts to stamp this with his trademark yelps and his mostly incoherent interaction with his band, it still arguably doesn't measure up to the Isley Brothers' classic.

There's enough energy here to get a few toes tapping, but I'm guessing audiences were smart enough to realise that this song had been done before.

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