Joey Dee & The Starliters - Shout

Joey Dee & The Starliters


Roulette Records

Release Date: December 2nd, 1961

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
April 14th, 1962

Joey Dee released this live version of the Isley Brothers' 'shout' to great commercial success in 62. Personally I far prefer the 1959 original.

Bands often get overexcited when playing live and this regularly translates into a lightning paced live recording. Thoughts of keeping a steady, consistent tempo tend to go out the window when this happens, and instead we are left with an unrelenting frenzy that in-turn swallows up all melody in its path – unfortunately this version of 'shout' falls into this category. A cacophonic whirlwind that swallows a potentially brilliant tune.

Just slow it down 20 beats per minute and you may have something, but at this speed it comes off feeling more like an anxiety attack than anything near tuneful.

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