Johnny Kidd & The Pirates - A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues

Johnny Kidd & The Pirates

A Shot Of Rhythm & Blues


Release Date: September 19th, 1962

Words by: Nick Bornholt
September 29th, 1962

'Ahead of their time' gets thrown around a lot in music, often unjustifiably. It's an easy-out for music that doesn't fit perfectly within a musical timeline; the expression should always be used cautiously. With that said, Johnny Kid and the Pirates WERE AHEAD OF THEIR TIME…

An eye patch wearing lead singer not clutching a guitar (Johnny Kidd), only one guitarist (Allan Caddy) doing things to a Les Paul that are illegal in most countries, and a group as a whole producing a sound, in 1962, that's basically psychedelic. 'A shot of rhythm & blues' is a great launching pad into a largely unheralded band, whose music influenced some of the true greats down the road. Throw on some headphones, listen to the vinyl crackle and enjoy.

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