Little Eva - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

Little Eva

Keep Your Hands Off My Baby

Dimension Records

Release Date: November 20th, 1962

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
October 27th, 1962

There was something incredible about the lo-fi doo-wop recordings of the early 60′s. Everything sounds compressed and consequently crackles and hisses–one of the perks of recording onto reel to reel tape. The clarity of each instrument is swallowed up by the warmth of the entire ensemble. I bet at the time producers longed for better quality equipment: 8, 10, 50 track recording mixers. I bet they hated how everything bled and spliced together.

The irony now, of course, is that many bands/producers flog their guts out trying to find the 'nostalgic' soul tones that Little Eva delivers here. They search for the best way to make it sound old and raw. They pay thousands of bucks more to record to the 'low'quality reel to reel tape machines as opposed to straight into the computer. And those that have embraced the ever-growing mountain of technology in music often tend to mis-use it to the point where it sounds more like a digital/auto-tuned nightmare (see Skrilex and a billion other chumps).

Ah, where's the answer? More often than not the best answer is to just keep it simple, just like Little Eva.

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