Nina Simone - He Was Too Good To Me

Nina Simone

He Was Too Good To Me


Release Date: January 19th, 1962

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
January 19th, 1962


One of the highlights from Nina Simone's 'Live At The Village Gate' album, this track shows just how great and captivating Nina Simone could be. At the beginning of the tune we hear people moving around the room along with the clinking of glasses and hushed voices. After only a short while however, all the noise aside from that coming from the great woman on the stage has stopped.

It forms an amazing mental picture to think of all the eyes and ears stopping in their tracks and focusing on nothing but the only otherworldy creature in the room. Cigarettes burning down to the filters, alcoholics not even thinking about touching their drinks. Everything deservedly freezing in awe of the moments in which Nina Simone recorded pure soul.

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