Ricky Nelson - Young World

Ricky Nelson

Young World

Imperial Records

Release Date: February 23rd, 1962

Words by: Jason A. Wendleton
March 30th, 1962

Although it might seem like a recent phenomenon, actors have been crossing over into the music industry ever since there's been a music industry. Ricky Nelson began his career playing himself on the radio, and then starred in a television version of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Unlike many of the crossover stars of today, however, Ricky Nelson was actually a very talented singer. Despite his passion for rockabilly and country, Nelson found his greatest success as a teen idol.

Written by legendary hit-maker Jerry Fuller, 'young world' is everything a syrupy teen pop-song should be, almost to its detriment. But what saves 'young world' is Ricky Nelson and the sincerity he brings to the song. Through sheer charisma Nelson is able to convince us that it really is a "young world when you're in love" (whatever that means). In addition, anyone doubting Nelson's talent will perhaps be forever silenced by the song's first "whoa-uh-oh." Overall, 'young world' is proof that a great singer can take a mediocre song and elevate it.

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