Solomon Burke - Cry To Me

Solomon Burke

Cry To Me

Atlantic Records

Release Date: January 18th, 1962

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
April 28th, 1962

'Cry to me' is not necessarily a tune that knocks you flat straight out of the gate. In terms of both rhythm and instrumentation, this track is not dissimilar to a bunch of other soul numbers that were doing the rounds at the time. However, once Solomon Burke's vocal cuts through it quickly becomes impossible to turn away.

There's a deep timbre to Burke's voice that could be compared easily to Elvis'; whilst also possessing a similarly delicate grasp of intonation to match that of Sam Cooke.

Burke glides confidently through the verses, as if fully aware of the jaw dropping quality of each upcoming chorus.

The choruses are where the true pay-off lies with this track. Burke sinks his teeth into this timeless hook and brings something fresh and vibrant to the table with each chorus: starting off with Al Green-esque subtly, and ending up at such raspy heights that even John Fogerty would have to tip his hat.

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