Some gravelly sweetness from The Animals

The Animals

I’m Mad Again


Release Date: October 21st, 1964

Words by: Nick Bornholt
March 11th, 1965


Smouldering like a log on a morning campfire at first, this song erupts into a roaring inferno, stoked to life by the gravelly sweetness of Eric Burdon's voice.

Some gravelly sweetness from The Animals The Animals - 1965

Found on the flip side of The Animals' self titled album, "I'm mad again" oozes with the delta-blues inspired stylings of its composer, John Lee Hooker, without loosing the signature style that makes The Animals so enchanting.

Like the group that performed it, "I'm Mad Again" is less well know than it perhaps should be, which is a shame considering the powerful and emotive nature of this piece and the artists behind it.

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