The Beatles - Love Me Do

The Beatles

Love Me Do

Parlophone Records

Release Date: October 4th, 1962

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
August 18th, 1962

"Another Lennon-McCartney original" was what Paul McCartney noted at the top of the page when he and John first penned the idea for 'love me do' in 1959. Three years later, when a deal had been reached with the record label allowing the group to release their own material, 'love me do' was recorded and released upon a world that had never heard of The Beatles.

Initially the song didn't make huge waves in the UK–peaking at number 17 on the charts. It was a simple track in terms of composition, revolving around two chords and an Everly Brothers-esque vocal melody. But despite its simplicity there is an undeniable quality to one particular vocal phrase. The refrain of, "Please–, love me do," serves as a subtle marker that this group from Liverpool were perhaps something new. There's a cheek to the delivery of this line; it almost has a subversive quality that sounds as if undermining the cookie-cut tunes that dominated the charts at the time.

Even still, does this 'subtle subversion' make it clear why this tune and the band behind it would quite literally go on to change the world of music forever, and empower kids to at least start thinking about rebelling against the authoritative figures that had dominated their lives throughout the 1950′s? Well…no, is the short answer in examining 'love me do' retrospectively.

However, what I can say is that we should all be thankful that it did. 'Love me do' not only opened the door for a career that would give us some of the greatest records known to man, but it also opened the floodgates through which a sociocultural and musical revolution would come pouring through.

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