The Rolling Stones stay loose

The Rolling Stones

Time Is on My Side


Release Date: September 25th, 1964

Words by: Roland Ellis
February 25th, 1965


Sometimes it matters so much that things are perfectly aligned. No gaps, no slippage or disjunction, just logic, metronomic timing and mathematical certainty.

When you're in an airplane, for example, you want to feel the grip of systems lapping around you.

The Rolling Stones stay loose The Rolling Stones - 1964

What you don't want is anyone from the Rolling Stones circa 1964 flying the plane—particularly the guy (I'm assuming Brian Jones??) playing the sleigh bells on "Time is on my Side".

Yep, you have to keep those loose, vibey, woozy, charming little pricks out of the cockpit at all costs.

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