AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott records Van Morrison's Gloria

The Spektors


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Release Date: September 23rd, 1965

Words by: Jake Stein
September 25th, 1965


September, 1965 - Australian rock band The Spektors released their cover of "Gloria". The Spektors featured the future AC/DC lead singer, Bon Scott, who rotated between vocals and drums. For this particular recording of "Gloria", nineteen-year-old Scott is on lead vocals.

AC/DC frontman, Bon Scott records Van Morrison's Gloria Bon Scott fronting AC/DC

The track was originally written by Van Morrison and recorded by his Northern Irish group, Them, in 1964. Since its release, "Gloria" has been covered far and wide. In 1965 alone, The Gants, The Bobby Fuller Four and The Shadows of Knight each released "Gloria" as a single.

Listen below to versions of "Gloria" by The Doors and Patti Smith, as well as the original.

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