Last Days of Van Morrison's THEM


One More Time


Release Date: June 29th, 1965

Words by: Greg Webster
June 30th, 1965


Them's unscripted live shows, where they famously fed off the energy of the crowd, were electric; and Van Morrison’s gravelly, white-soul voice was unlike any of his contemporaries. The challenge was always going to be capturing that 'live' feel on a studio recording.

Decca records signed Them in mid 1964, and after a spectacular failure with their first single "Don’t Start Crying Now", the band hit the UK top 10 with "Baby, Please Don’t Go". Big hits followed immediately in the shape of "Here Comes the Night" and "Gloria" - the latter penned by Morrison when he was just 18 years old.

Last Days of Van Morrison's THEM

As with many meteoric rises, the fall is so often just as spectacular. The band, in its original form, would last only one more year before internal friction led to its implosion. Though, of course, more would be heard of Morrison.

In mid-1965, perhaps as a counterpoint to their high-energy sound, Them released ballad "One More Time". Chosen specifically by their manager Phil Solomon, it's a great album track but not a great single. In fact, guitarist Billy Harrison attributed its lack of commercial success to that very reason. Harrison’s jangling guitar arpeggios hang in the air, while Morrison’s reverb drenched voice blasts through with typical emotion. But the song lacks the punch of the group's earlier singles; sounding instead more like a reprise of 50s soft-rock.

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