Wanda Jackson - Right Or Wrong

Wanda Jackson

Right Or Wrong

Capitol Records

Release Date: April 16th, 1961

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
March 18th, 1962

Wanda Jackson is a survivor. A carrier of the early, genuine country lineage – a lineage all but completely lost on the cookie cutting, impersonal sounding, world of country music these days. Robert Altman documented the early days of this decline in values in his classic 70′s flick, Nashville, and it'd be fair to say that the industry standard has only tumbled further down hill ever since. Haven Hamilton has been reborn in a million little Keith Urbans.

But before all of this and that, there was Wanda Jackson. A songstress with a beating heart and a set of twangy, yet finely tuned pipes to boot. 'Right or wrong' finds a young Jackson at her balladeer-ing best. A soaring vocal, and a melodious countrified sensibility. Wanda hangs it out there in a gust of simplicity on this number, and as such, the listener can feel the unguarded, refreshing honesty come wafting through the speakers.

Wanda Jackson now shares the recording studio with the likes of the venerable Mr Jack White; a testament to her enduring legacy. A legacy born from tracks like 'right or wrong'.

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