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Donovan covers Buffy Sainte-Marie


August 15th, 1965 - Folksinger Donovan released a cover of Buffy Sainte-Marie's "Universal Soldier". Sainte-Marie, a Canadian songwriter, wrote and recorded the song for her debut album It's My Way... read more

Tough Times For Paul Simon

Album Review

​1965 was a watershed year in the music industry. Just as labels were beginning to sign more folk acts, hoping to monetize on the new-old folk sound now permeating the world’s airwaves, ... read more

Wilson Pickett's number 1 hit record

Track Review

The intensity of this song is something to behold: the charge of the rhythm track, the subtle taboo of the lyrics and the characteristic Southern smoothness of Wilson Pickett's voice combine... read more

Debut album from Sonny and Cher

Album Review

​Phil Spector, so the story goes, initially hired Cher as a ‘baby-sitter’ for his girlfriend, Ronnie Bennett. She later graduated to backing singer in a number of Spector’s Wall of Sound recordings... read more