Live At The Gaslight

We Dead cover Charlie Feathers, 'Can't Hardly Stand It'

We Dead

Can't Hardly Stand it

Original Artist: Charlie Feathers

Release Date: March 9th, 2015


In the second instalment of Live at the Gaslight, Sydney duo We Dead cover the Charlie Feathers classic from 1956, "Can't Hardly Stand It".

We Dead cover Charlie Feathers, 'Can't Hardly Stand It'

Just a reminder: Live at the Gaslight is our way of showcasing some of our favourite modern artists reworking their favourite songs from at least 50 years ago.

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More about We Dead

We Dead are a duo that usually play frenetic garage rock and power pop, but all that has been left on the sidelines for this version of "Can't Hardly Stand It". Instead, We Dead have recorded a lo-fi and dark-toned beauty that would've fit nicely as a track sandwiched in between "Johnny 99" and "State Trooper" on Springsteen's Nebraska.

We Dead cover Charlie Feathers, 'Can't Hardly Stand It'

The band's first release will be out sometime in the middle of the year so there's nowhere online for you to check out their original tunes just yet, but take our word for it, these two are going to produce great things: we saw them play live a month or two ago and the best way to describe it would be to say that it sounded like Buddy Holly's voice and sense of melody had been set against the rhythm section from Weezer.

They thread bubble gum melodies through chaotic punk distortion, all the while singing raw lyrics about boys loving girls, girls loving boys, and all the bullshit in between.

We're super proud to introduce you to this band through a cover of "Can't Hardly Stand It".