About Gaslight Records

Gaslight Records is a site that publishes record reviews and music related articles, makes mixtapes, and brings you cover songs from new bands/artists. But unlike any other music site, everything you'll hear or read about on Gaslight will be sourced from music that is at least fifty years old.

Gaslight Records is a way of reviving and reliving the music of fifty years ago.

So go ahead and dive into the halcyon days for a while: sink your teeth into some white light/white heat, ride a soul train, start believing again that rock and roll can change the world, let the wall of sound embrace you.

And feel free to send us any comments/corrections/ideas/hate mail/fan mail along the way: [email protected].

Let's hope we meet again, sometime... and we will. If like Hank Williams says "the good lord willing and the creek don't rise."

Regular Writers/Contributors:

Peter Stone Brown

Nick Bornholt

Greg Webster

Roland Ellis

Sam Pethers

Richie Ryan

Melanie Young

Jeff Schwachter

Kevin Harvey