Fifth album from Australian folksinger Gary Shearston

November 29th, 1965 -

Fifth album from Australian folksinger Gary Shearston

November 26th, 1965 - Australian folksinger Gary Shearston released his fifth studio album, Bolters, Bushrangers and Duffers on the CBS record label.

Listen below to track two from the album, Shearston's cover of Australian folk traditional Jim Jones.


Bolters, Bushrangers and Duffers:

1. Moreton Bay

2. Jim Jones

3. The Cyprus Brig

4. Bold Jack Donohue

5. The Maryborough Miner

6. Frank Gardiner

7. Jack Power

8. The Wild Colonial Boy

9. Wallaby Stew

10. The Eumeralla Shore

11. Ben Hall

12. The Death of Ben Hall

13. The Streets of Forbes

14. My Name is Edward Kelly

15. Farewell to Greta

16. Stringybark Creek

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