Fourth studio album from The Kingsmen

November 4th, 1965 -

Fourth studio album from The Kingsmen

October, 1965 - Portland, Oregon rock band The Kingsmen released their fourth studio album, Kingsmen On Campus, on the Wand record label.

Listen below to track four from the album, a cover of Ben.E. King's "Stand By Me".


01 Annie Fanny

02 Rosalie

03 A Hard Day's Night

04 Stand By Me

05 Little Green Thing

06 The Climb

07 Sticks And Stones

08 Peter Gunn

09 Sometimes

10 Shotgun

11 I Like It Like That

12 Genevieve

The 2003 movie Old School referenced the album cover by walking down the Janss Steps.

Fourth studio album from The Kingsmen

Below is The Kingsmen's break-through single, "Louie, Louie".


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