The Shadows release fourth studio album

July 13th, 1965 -

The Shadows release fourth studio album

July 12th, 1965 - British band The Shadows released their fourth studio album, The Sound Of The Shadows. The Shadows were originally formed as the backing band for Cliff Richard.

Listen below to track six from the album, "500 Hundred Miles".


The Sound Of The Shadows:

Side One

01 Brazil

02 The Lost City

03 A Little Bitty Tear

04 Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me

05 Bossa Roo

06 Five Hundred Miles

07 Cotton Pickin'

Side Two

01 Deep Purple

02 Santa Ana

03 The Windjammer

04 Dean's Theme

05 Breakthru'

06 Let It Be Me

07 National Provincial Samba

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