Bob Marley - Judge Not

Bob Marley

Judge Not


Release Date: July 20th, 1962

Words by: Whaley Big Jesus
March 24th, 1962

Love or hate his music, there's little denying that Bob Marley brought the unique sound of reggae to the world. However, such leaps and bounds came much later than 1962 and his first single, 'judge not'.

'Judge not' is instead an amalgam of Caribbean ska and American pop sensibilities. A young Bob is evidently unsure of both his musical direction and vocal capabilities here. It's hard to really hold that against him though, after all, who finds perfection on their first time out?

What is present and would remain a common thread throughout Marley's career, is the lyrical tendency to address issues of morality and social ethics. 'Judge not lest ye be judged': presumably this track's biblical reference point and hence some standard Marley high grounding.

The rest of this one however, finds Bob Marley in a relatively undeveloped state.

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