One for the Frenchies! "Dieu est à nos cotés"

Hugues Aufray

Dieu est à nos cotés (With God On Our Side)


Release Date: November 21st, 1965

Words by: Sam Pethers
February 27th, 1967


In June of 1965 French singer-songwriter Hugues Aufray released an album of Bob Dylan covers, Aufray Chante Dylan. During the recording of the album in May 1964, Aufray invited Dylan to stay with him in Paris, France. Dylan himself was in the process of writing his next album Another Side Of Bob Dylan, which he would finish writing in Greece in June, 1964.

Aufray was thirty-five by the time he released his first album of Dylan covers in 1965. Eleven years Dylan's senior, Aufray always knew he had to record Dylan's songs in French, ever since he first heard him perform in New York in 1962. He later said, "For me, translating Dylan was something I wanted to do on an artistic level as well as a human level. It's like when you read a fantastic book and you want to share it with your friends."

Track ten on Aufray Chante Dylan was a cover of Dylan's "With God On Our Side (Dieu est à nos cotés)".

One for the Frenchies! "Dieu est à nos cotés" Bob Dylan and Hughes Aufray in Paris: May 1964

Listen below to Dylan's original version of "With God On Our Side", along with Domonic Behan's Irish ballad "The Patriot Game" from which Dylan borrowed the melody to write his song.

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During an interview with Bill Flanagan in 2015, Dylan made reference to Aaron Neville's covers of his songs saying, "I mean, what can you say? He's the most soulful of singers, maybe in all of recorded history. If angels sing, they must sing in that voice. I just think his gift is so great. The man has no flaws, never has. He’s always been one of my favorite singers right from the beginning."

Below is Neville's version of "With God On Our Side".


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