Roy Orbison - Working For The Man

Roy Orbison

Working For The Man

Monument Records

Release Date: June 30th, 1964

Words by: Stephanie Deere
June 28th, 1964

"Hey now, you better listen to me, every one of you

We got a lotta lotta lotta lotta work to do

Forget about your woman and that water can

Today, we're working for the man"

Oh, Roy Orbison, you sound so great. You also sound as if you are having a ball.

Here we have 'working for the man,' a song where he unleashes the full dramatic range of his voice from the first aching note. The man belted and wailed that sweet soulful music. You could feel Orbison, you know? A musical master-class of greatness; the guitars are artfully picked and plucked, and the whole thing provides an example as to why Orbison's music will continue to be enjoyed for many years to come.

It was one of the 22 hits Roy Orbison placed on the Billboard Top 40 between 1960 and 1964. Orbison was not only a brilliant songwriter, but he had one of the finest voices of his generation, a thrilling tenor with a chill inducing falsetto. The sound was something different. The songs were completely original in sound and style. It was his style. A style that would alter and inspire the craft of countless musicians:

Paul McCartney called him "one of the greats of Rock n' Roll."

Bob Dylan marked Orbison as a "specific influence," remarking that there was nothing like him on radio in the 1960's.

'Working for the man' is a definitive cut with heartfelt vocals from Orbison, while prominent drum rolls bang away behind him. His distinctive vocal style—complete with its unmistakable vibrato—quickly earned him the affectionate name 'The Big O'.

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