Beach Boys hit sparks calls of plagiarism

The Beach Boys

Don’t Worry Baby


Release Date: May 10th, 1964

Words by: Roland Ellis
February 27th, 1965


Brian Wilson apparently penned this track after having heard The Ronnettes hit "Be My Baby" (written by Phil Spector) on the radio and wondering whether he could write a song like it.

Beach Boys hit sparks calls of plagiarism

According to Philip Lambert, author of Inside the Music of Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys songwriter perhaps went too far in trying to craft something similar to the Spector classic: "They're in the same key – E major – and they start the same. The phrase structure is the same, the chord progressions are almost the same, the melodies are almost the same."

But although there might be some plagiarism issues at play here, the melody remains undeniably brilliant.


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