Review of The Doors show last night in Seattle, WA

July 25th, 1967 -

Review of The Doors show last night in Seattle, WA

Last night The Doors performed at the Eagles Auditorium in Seattle. Tom Robbins wrote a review of the show for Helix magazine. Below is an excerpt from the review.

"The intensity begins the moment they stalk on stage and it doesn't let up until the purge is over, the catharsis is complete. Even between numbers, there is no relaxation - no chit-chat, no horsing around. Like the great actors of Japan, The Doors project all the more intensity when they are silent. The Doors are carnivores in a land of musical vegetarians..."

Robbins says of Jim Morrison;

"Morrison begins where Mick Jagger and Eric Burdon stop. An electrifying combination of an angel in grace and a dog in heat, he becomes intoxicated by the danger of his poetry, and, swept by impious laughter, he humps the microphone, beats it and sucks it off. Sexual in an almost psychopathic way, Morrison's richly textured voice taunts and teases and threatens and throbs."

Read the full review here

Here are The Doors upcoming tour dates.

July 26th - Portland, OR, US  Portland Masonic Temple
July 28th - San Francisco, CA, US Fillmore Auditorium
July 29th - San Francisco, CA, US Fillmore Auditorium
July 30th - San Francisco, CA, US Fillmore Auditorium
August 5th - Santa Barbara, CA, US Earl Warren Showgrounds
August 10th - Brighton, MA, US  Crosstown Bus
August 11th - Brighton, MA, US  Crosstown Bus
August 12th - Forest Hills, NY, US  Forest Hills Tennis Stadium
August 15th - Lowell, MA, US  Commodore Ballroom  1
August 18th - Annapolis, MD, US Annapolis National Guard Armory
August 18th - Alexandria, VA, US  Alexandria Roller Rink Arena
August 19th - Hampton Beach, NH, US Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom
August 25th - Las Vegas, NV, US Las Vegas Convention Center
August 27th - Santa Monica, CA, US  Cheetah

In case you missed it here's The Doors performing last Saturday night on American Bandstand.

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